Winners and Hackathon Aftermath

Winners and Hackathon Aftermath

On the 10th of June 2016, Natural Step Finland, along with City of Helsinki and partners, held Tukkutori Hackathon. 30 participants, 27 hours, 5 teams and one goal, waste reduction of the total Tukkutori district.

Participants had 27 hours to come up  with sustainable solutions that fits the theme, participants came from varied fields, ranging from industry professionals to students.

The hackathon kicked off with welcoming words from organizers and the host for the event, Outi Ugas, Sustainability specialist from Natural Step Finland.

The event then followed with interesting in depth presentations by the following speakers, which helped the participants understand the issues practically.

– Tiila Korhonen, Suez Suomi Oy: Leipärinki and other examples
– Tuure Parkkinen, ResQ: Apps to reduce food waste
– Teresa Välimäki & Johanna Lindholm, Helsinki Food Company: Smart recipes & sustainability
– Lilli Linkola: Open data, open circular economy
– Aleksi Rossi, YLE: Information design and time series
– Timo Jokila, Gasum: Waste in other innovation systems, case Gasum Lähde

Tukkutori Hackathon brought together technology and environmental/waste issues together in the same spotlight for the welfare of the district of Tukkutori.

The participants’ were provided with complete picture on how the waste system is like, they receive utilizable data sets, including:

– Map pinpointing every company and commercial center of Tukkutori
– Tukkutori’s system map
– Tukkutori area’s waste report 2015, including heino’s waste data.

The whole event was live catered by Waste to Taste food produce by Food Designer, Vahid Mortazaei, with the help of our amazing volunteers. According our feedback, the catering received a top-notch review. More info on Vahid

Keeping in mind the theme, the venue and main Hackathon Station were Flavour Studio, and napping/resting areas were at the cozy Maitolabra.

A panel of experts were part of our jury to choose among such innovative ideas:

Tommi Tapana – Tukkutori
Heidi Korhonen – VTT
Matti Santala – Kellohalli

We had exciting prizes for the winning team a 300 € gift certificate to Heinon Tukku, and for the rest of the team, lunch gift cards to 4 amazing restaurants in Teurastamo: B-Smokery, Ho’s Food, Kellohalli and Palema

The teams formed quite naturally, and without much effort, they each had implementable results. The Hackathon winners were announced on Monday, 13th of June at DataBusiness Grill: Circular economy at the courtyard of Kellohalli.

Team Wasteless: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Their idea included creation of a FabLab / Maker Movement, which would include tutorials, plans, blogs, videos online, basically a DIY knowledge corner.

Team Soneqo: Seneqo measured effective carbon footprints of companies, lowest and highest net CO2 companies have important waste collection behavior differences, Through data analysis, Seneqo can recommend improvements in real time

Team Jatemylly: Communal place for sustainable education, workshops.

Team Alberga: Virtual market place, up-to-date data on food products about to go bad, registered/invited clients (can be individual or restaurants) can scroll down the selection and buy.

Trash Panda: The winning team “Trash Panda” had the right approach which incorporates the ideas of the other teams and can be implemented together. “Trash Panda” pitched that  Tukkutori can have a waste expert who “hauls” the trash, takes care of Tukkutori’s atmosphere, cleanliness and encourages recycling. Their idea benefits  service providers, communities and users.



Improvised Catering by Food Designer Vahid Mortezaei

Improvised Catering by Food Designer Vahid Mortezaei

Catering of the event will be handled by the amazing Vahid Mortezaei from locally collected food!

Vahid Mortezaei is an Iranian food designer and chef who founded Vahid Mortezaei Studio™ in 2014 to modernise and globalise the rich cuisine of his homeland. Vahid believes in the power of food as a tool for promoting social well-being and tolerance in the increasingly multicultural Finnish society and his company acts as a bridge-builder between different cultures through creating new kinds of culinary experiences to its clients.

The former mining engineer followed his education in graphic design in Iran and Turkey. Later, during his master studies in visual communication in Helsinki, his design skills met his life-long passion of cooking and he got interested in a brand-new field called food design. Further on, spending time with his fellow students from the creative sustainability program, his curiosity about sustainable food business awoke. Nowadays one of the missions of his company is to promote the concept of sustainable food and to provide practical solutions to make the concept reality.

Vahid’s culinary business started from providing catering prepared from rescued food items that would otherwise be wasted. Through upcycling food, he wants to put the spotlight on the huge amount of food wasted daily by the food business. Since the collected ingredients are literally random stuff, cooking demands lots of creativity and improvisation, which makes the cooking sessions much more exciting. Obviously there are no shopping lists or planned menus. The inspiration comes from the collected foods and the menus are finalised once the food is set at the table.

You can find more about Vahid’s culinary journey and his business at


ps. Interested to work with Vahid on our event? Volunteer applications can be sent to


Amazing Joogakoulu Shakta to the rescue

We have an amazing community here! We get to borrow our neighbour yoga studio Joogakoulu Shakta’s Tempur mattresses to create the quiet resting / sleeping area here in Maitolabra. So you guys can have a little rest and relaxing during the Hackathon. OOOOOMM!

Go check out their classes in Kalasatama here:


What is Shakta Joogakoulu?

”We are the first yoga school of the Shakta tradition in North-Europe. Our teachers are Yoga Alliance® certified professionals, who understand the traditional science behind yoga as well as the modern understanding of the human body. The premises of Shakta are located in Kalasatama, Helsinki, but retreats and courses are held all over Finland.”

Heinon tukku – 300 tons of waste data and 300 euros gift card!

Even more data to get hacked! The amount of data will be about 1000 tons of waste, thanks to Heinon tukku Oy. We can use the waste data from their Tukkutori express whole sale, which is total 300 tons. In addition to this, they will sponsor the prize for the winning team, 300€ gift card for Heinon tukku. Hooray!

What is interesting about Heinon tukku is their oil take back service – when their client comes to get new oil they can bring their used (frying) oil for Heinon tukku, where it’s further taken to be turned to bio fuel.

Hear them tell the story about their store in Tukkutori in the following film:

Introducing the Speakers: Lilli Linkola, Open source data and Circular Economy

Lilli is a board member of Open Knowledge Finland and works for the Green Building Council Finland and the city of Helsinki. She is one of the core organizers of Open Source Circular Economy Days (OSCEDays in Helsinki, a festival where skills, ideas, designs and recipes are shared to create open resources & possibilities for a global shift towards a waste-free, sustainable and environmentally friendly city.  Currently she works a lot with energy and buildings: opening energy data, supporting the citizens and housing companies to do smart retrofits in buildings and finding ways of changing occupant behavior.

LilliLinkola01colorpieni“I’m an open data activist, circular economy expert and small dumpster diver. I love when things get a second life and resources are used effectively. I believe open data place a key role in this. If accurate data, knowledge and tools are available then anybody can optimize their own materials use and resources are easier to find. A future with materials and energy cycles will not be managed top down but is self-organized from the bottom up. Open knowledge enables this.”

Lilli will introduce the audience to open data and open knowledge and shares her ideas over the importance of them to the society.